30 June, 2022


A series of digital artworks paired with physical art pieces 💜

Each artwork is an edition of 10
10 NFTs with 10 framed lenticular art prints

The project came from a desire to bring physical items into my NFT artistic journey. The challenge was to create a product that captures the essence of the artwork and displays its motion without the need for a digital screen.

Public Sale 

June 30, 2022


Presale for my 1/1 collectors is from June, 28, 2022 

a 48-hour presale window will be open for collectors who own one of my 1/1 NFTs at a discounted price of 0.75Ξ

This price is guaranteed even after the presale period unless sold out prior.


Shipping is free! Just send your shipping information with BlockscanChat to oelhan.eth.

BlockscanChat is a wallet to wallet messaging platform, which allows me to process your shipment and verify that you have the corresponding token in your wallet.


Please note that the physical piece may take 3 to 6 weeks to arrive to its new home.

Please be patient.


Resolution: 1728 × 2160px

Format: MP4

Smart contract made with Manifold

Available via OpenSea

Symbol: PRCPTN


Print size: 40x50cm

Print material: Lenticular

Frame size: 61x51cm

Frame material: Solid wood

Anti-reflective glass

Printed in UK

Framed in France 


The physical piece is a gift for each original collectors, you'll be free to dispose the print as you wish.

Its frame is crafted to offer a qualitative build that can be displayed easily in future exhibitions. 
Lenticular effect work best in bright environnement. 


This is just the first drop 💫